Group News



December 16 – The group celebrates some winter holidays, and finally discovers the mysteries of the Macfarlane Mansion

October 11 – Leo and Paul published a paper on optically processing nanoparticle films in Nano Letters

September 10 – PJ published a paper on controlling of molecular multivalency in nanoparticle assemblies (a.k.a. bundle bonds) in JACS

August -Michika was awarded the JSPS Cross-border Postdoctoral Fellowship.

August 25 – Josh published a paper on crosslinkable polymer-grafted nanoparticles in Advanced Functional Materials.

July 29 – Yuping, PJ, Josh, and Margaret published a paper on multistimuli responsive nanocomposite tectons in JACS.

July 26 – PJ published a paper on assembly of ordered crystals with disperse building blocks in Nano Letters.

July 3 – Paul published a paper on controlling crystal texture of PAE thin films in ACS Nano.

June 6 – Diana graduated. Congratulations to the first Macfarlab graduate!

Diana graduate


May– Michika has joined the Macfarlane team

May 22 – Josh presented a poster at the Cabot Student Materials Research Forum, winning 2nd place and a GoPro.

May 13 – Diana defended her thesis: Deposition, Crystallization and Nanoindentation of Substrate-Bound Biomolecule-Assembled Nanomaterials.

May 13 Professor Rob Macfarlane has been chosen as the Paul M. Cook Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.

April 16 – Paul and Leo published a review article on the Programmable Atom Equivalents, and how atomic crystallization theory has influenced nanoparticle self-assembly.

March 20 – Margaret passed her Thesis Proposal and is officially admitted to her PhD Program.

Feb 13 – PJ presented at the ICS conference- and was awarded the Israel Chemical Society Excellent Poster Prize.


December – Griffen joins the Macfarlab.

August 30 – Diana and Paul published a paper on Programmable Atom Equivalent deposition in Langmuir.

August 24– Paul, Diana, and PJ presented at the Fall National ACS Meeting.

May 31 – The lab crushes Prof. Macfarlane at go-karts, definitively proving that studying nanoparticle self-assembly does not improve driver skill.

April – Josh and Leo pass their Thesis Area Exams/Proposals and are officially admitted to their PhD Programs!

January 31 – Paul published a paper on lattice mismatch during epitaxial growth of PAE crystals.


December 15 – The Macfarlane Lab celebrates the end of a successful 2017!


November 17 – Margaret Lee joins the lab as a new graduate student – welcome!

September 15 – Fei Jia joins the lab as a new post-doc!

September 1 – Yuping Wang joins the lab as a new post-doc!

July 15 – The Macfarlane lab says goodbye to Jianyuan Zhang and wishes him well as a new professor at Rutgers University

bye jianyuan

June 1 – Sara Wilson & Megan Diehl join the lab for the summer as UROP students.

June 1 – Kimberly Stieglitz joins the lab for the summer as an RET fellow.

May 10 – Josh is awarded an NDSEG Graduate Fellowship – congrats, Josh!

April 17 – Rob is awarded the Unilever Award for Outstanding Young Investigator in Colloid & Surfactant Science

April 11 – The Macfarlane lab thoroughly destroys the Holten-Andersen lab at laser tag.

April 4 – Diana passes her Thesis Proposal Defense – Congratulations!

March – Paul and PJ pass their Thesis Area Exams and are officially admitted to the PhD Program!

March 17 – Both Paul and Leo are awarded NSF Graduate Fellowships! Congratulations!

January 31 – Rob is awarded an NSF CAREER Award


December 20 – The Macfarlane group celebrates the end of a very productive 2016. Happy Holidays!


December 7 – The group’s first paper on Nanocomposite Tectons, titled: “Self-Assembling Nanocomposite Tectons,” is published in JACS!

December 1 – Leonardo Zornberg joins the lab as a first year graduate student – welcome!

November 23 – Paul’s paper “Epitaxy: Programmable Atom Equivalents Versus Atoms” is published in ACS Nano! Congratulations to Paul and our collaborators at Northwestern!

October 18 – Congratulations to Professor Rob Macfarlane for being awarded an Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Award for work on “DNA-Programmed Epitaxy of Nanoparticle Superlattices!”

September 23  – Joshua Kubiak joins the lab as a first year graduate student – welcome!

February 5 – Rob’s paper “Transmutable nanoparticles with reconfigurable surface ligands” is published in Science. Congratulations to first author Youngeun Kim and collaborators in the Mirkin Lab at NU!

February 4 – Diana Lewis joins the lab – welcome Diana!


October 15 – The Macfarlane lab welcomes PJ Santos, Sangho Lee, and Paul Gabrys as first year graduate students!

September 15 – Jianyuan Zhang joins the lab as a new post-doc!